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Midland Scoobies Regular Meet is 1st Sunday of each month.

At the moment the club meets are undergoing a revamp and we also have 2 new events organisers on board to help keep all out regular meets and events well organised and up to date. Both Aaron and Andy are usually to be found at any club meet or event.

Until the new meets schedule is underway our regular 1st of the month Sunday meets are to be held here.



2 Mansfield Road, Ravenshead, Nottingham, NG15 9 HA

a map to the pub can be found here MAP TO LARCH FARM













Why Come to a Meet

Well that's easy, to meet all those people with the same enthusiasm for Scoobies as you, to have a chat about the car and to find out answers to any little queries you might have about your car or your next modification.Our meets attract a wide variety of cars from all across the Midlands with members traveling from the East coast, North Derbyshire, Notts, Leics,Staffs and beyond and on average there are around 30 + cars in attendance at our regular meet this February there was 121, so there is no shortage of of cars to see or people to have a chat too.But it's not all about the cars at a meets, iv 'e made some great friends along the way and who'd have thought all this just from owning a car.

The Larch Farm itself is in a great location , it serves first class food to so if you are coming along to a meet then why not bring the whole family as children are always welcome at both our meet and at the Larch Farm to for food and drinks afterwards.If you want to make sure you don't miss any non regular meets we may have such as karting, paintballing,bowling and all that you can add yourself to our Mailing list

Coming to a meet should be fun, so as you don't feel lost and out of place when you arrive for the first time there are a few people on hand to make you feel welcome. Well i'm almost always there so he's me and my car so you can find us on the day.



As well as me there are a couple of Midland Scoobies "Meeter and Greeters" on hand to flag down and have a chat with if your feeling lost. If your looking to lost they'll even come and find you. Feel free to come and find any of us on the day and we'll give you a warm welcome to the Scooby scene.

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